Feedback Credits

Our user feedback system provides site users a mechanism to rate the buying/selling experience resulting from transactions with other users. Your Feedback Rating is a representation of your reputation to other users by other users. Users may evaluate feedback ratings to gain an idea of how satisfactory future transactions might go with another user based on that persons past transactions.

FEEDBACK RATINGS - Every purchase or sale between users of is eligible for 1 feedback response from each user involved in that transaction to rate their experience with the other user. Each user has up to 90 days after each transaction to enter a Feedback response of: Positive, Negative, or Neutral. Users will have their Feedback Ratings displayed (Pos-Neg-Neu) with their User Names when displayed on the site.

FEEDBACK CREDITS - As a new user you will start with an empty Feedback Rating (0-0-0). However, many users have invested a lot of time and quality business transactions building their reputation on other sites that operate in this business arena. If you have an established Feedback Rating with another reputable firearm auction site, offers the ability to obtain a one time Feedback Credit for a one time fee that is listed in our Fee Schedule section. We will apply a credit for up to 50 transactions to your Feedback Rating based on verification of the previous 12 months transactions from one of the other reputable firearm auction sites.

To obtain a one time Feedback Credit: (Click Here to REQUEST FEEDBACK CREDIT) or
Click the “FEEDBACK CREDIT” button after registration in the “My Gun Palace” section of the site. Enter the requested information. We will ask for your consent to utilize your Login Name and Password for the site you request the credit to be based upon. This information will be utilized only to verify that it is in fact your account, verify your transaction history, and then it will be immediately discarded. It will be used for no other purpose and will not be retained.
Once the information is verified, a Feedback Credit will be applied to your Feedback Rating within 24 hrs of verification. The method in which the distribution of the credit is applied (Positive-Negative-Neutral) is at the sole discretion of If you have questions as to how your credit distribution was determined you may contact us using information found in the “Contact Us” section of the site.