How To Sell A Gun

New Sellers

1. REGISTER:  Before you can begin to bid, buy, or sell on you must first register as a user.  Registration is fast and easy with only a few basic steps to get you on your way.

2. Read the Auction Rules in the Auction Rules section of the site.

3. Click the “List
 An Item” button.

4. Fill in the information boxes that describe your item, and selling terms. 
a) Category
b) Description of the item (The more details the better)
c) Payment Information
d) Shipping Information (Method and Price)
e) Pricing (Starting Bid, Reserve Price, Buy It Now Price, etc..)

5. Upload pictures.  “A picture is worth a thousand words”.  Buyers like to see what is being offered.  Pictures are a powerful selling tool and we recommend that you use them in your listing.  Adding digital photo’s is quick and easy on

6. (Optional but Recommended) Select additional listing features that will aid in attracting more attention to your specific listing from buyers on the site.
a) Add a thumbnail photo that will display directly on the listings pages.
b) Enhance placement of the listing by selecting Featured or Homepage listing display options.
c) Stand out with color by using Highlight or Boldface listings
d) Provide more details directly on the listings page with Subtitles.

7. Review all of the information you have entered.  Once you feel that everything is prepared as you would like to see it appear, click “Submit Listing”