Tools For Sellers

1. FFL EZ Check  (Click to Link) - This is a service provided by the BATFE that enables you to confirm the information and expiration date of FFL’s provided to you for firearms transfers and reduce the opportunity for fraud.

2. My Gun Palace - The My Gun Palace section of the site is where you will find all information specifically dedicated to your User account. In this section you can monitor your auctions and quickly view the progress of any other auctions in which you have an interest.


3. Feedback Credits - As a new user you will start with an empty Feedback Rating (0-0-0). However, many users have invested a lot of time and quality business transactions building their reputation on other sites that operate in this business arena. If you have an established Feedback Rating with another reputable firearm auction site, offers the ability to obtain a one time Feedback Credit for a one time fee that is listed in our Fee Schedule section. We will apply a credit for up to 50 transactions to your Feedback Rating based on verification of the previous 12 months transactions from one of the other reputable firearm auction sites.  (Click Here to REQUEST FEEDBACK CREDIT)