Buyers Protection

At we take extreme care to make your user experience safe and secure.   With that said, nothing is 100% foolproof.  There are some steps you can take as a User to help  avoid fraudulent activity.

1. Review the Feedback of the User you are considering doing business with to better understand the satisfaction level of others that have done business with this person before you.  No Feedback does not necessarily mean to avoid the transaction (all new users start at 0-0-0), it should justify a higher degree of scrutiny from you.

2. Ask questions.  Does the seller respond? Can they adequately answer questions they should know about the item they are selling?

3. Analyze the listing.  Do the pictures match the description? Do they both appear to be authentic?

4. If you are the winner of an auction, make telephone contact with the seller before sending any money.

5. If something seems to good to be true, it could be.  Use your best judgement and don’t participate in any bidding activities on listings you are uncomfortable with.  By using the steps listed here you will reduce your chances of ever being a victim of fraud.

6. is a safe and easy place to do business.  Like you, most users are honorable people who have found the site to be the best venue on the web to connect and conduct business with other firearms enthusiasts. We want to keep it that way.  Please report any fraudulent activity as instructed in the Fraud Claims section of the site.  We will cooperate with law enforcement in the prosecution of any individual suspected of committing fraud on or suspected of violating firearms law.

Buyer Protection

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