Auction Rules

1. All auctions and listings are are expected to conform to the Terms and Conditions set forth in the User Agreement of the site.

2. By listing an item or bidding on an item you are entering into a binding legal contract and are agreeing to fulfill your obligations of that transaction.  The Seller is to supply the item as listed, and the Buyer is to pay the the value of the winning bid and other costs described in the listing (Shipping, credit card processing fees, etc..)

3. All of our auctions will utilize the 5 Minute Rule. With the exception of the "Buy It Now" function being used, If there is any bidding activity in the last 5 minutes of an auction, that auction will be extended until bidding activity ceases for a 5 minute interval at which time the auction will be officially closed.  Auction sales are designed to go to the highest bidder, not the one who has the ability to be the fastest at slipping in a bid during the closing seconds of an online auction.  Live auctions lead up to a close with a “Going Once!, Going Twice! Going Three Times!” announcement to provide all bidders a final chance to attain the highest bid before closing the auction.  If the bid is increased during that process it repeats until there are no higher bids offered. Then the auction is closed with a “Sold!” announcement.  The 5 Minute Rule is in place to provide that courtesy to bidders participating in our online auctions.  The technology and internet speeds that our bidders have access to varies.  Without the 5 Minute Rule these types of technological factors could put some users at a disadvantage.

4. At the completion of a successful auction, no transfer of money or firearms should take place without phone contact between the buyer and the seller.

5. In the case of a firearm, the Buyer must arrange for the Buyer's transferring FFL to be sent within 2 business days of contact from the Seller providing specific instructions of where the FFL should be sent.

6. The Seller must contact the Buyer with payment instructions and address within 3 business days of the close of the auction.

7. The Buyer is obligated to respond to a Seller within 2 business days of that Seller's attempt to contact the winning Buyer in an auction.  Failure to respond by a Buyer within that timeframe will forfeit that Buyer’s right to purchase the item.

8. The Buyer must send payment by traceable means within 2 business days of contact from the Seller providing specific Payment instructions. (Unless another term is agreed upon by both Buyer and Seller)

9. The Seller must notify the Buyer immediately upon receipt of payment for the auction.

10. The Seller must ship the item via traceable means upon receipt of payment and Buyer's FFL (if the sale is for a firearm) within 5 business.  (Unless another term is agreed upon by both Buyer and Seller)  

11. The Seller must inform Buyer once the product has been shipped. The Seller will provide a tracking number on all firearms shipments and on other items (if available) and an estimated arrival date.