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Bid -The amount of money you are willing to submit as an offer for an item in a given auction.

Bid Increment - An incremental amount specified that the bid is increased by every time someone bids on that item.

Bidder/Buyer - A user actively participating in an auction in an effort to acquire an item at auction.

Buy It Now Price - A price at which a seller has determined they will accept as a winning bid that will immediately end an auction. 

Feedback - Information provided by users regarding the quality of their interactions and transactions with other users of the site.

Feedback Rating - A composite record presented as a number of the total Positive, Negative, or Neutral ratings other users have provided regarding their interactions and transactions with a given User.

Feedback Credit - A value represented as a number that can be applied one time to a given Users Feedback Rating as a result of demonstrating an accrued feedback value for that User on another reputable firearms auction site.

FAQ - Acronym for Frequently Asked Questions.

FFL - Acronym for Federal Firearms License, used synonymously to mean a person who is a holder of a Federal Firearms License.

Minimum Bid - The value of the current bid plus the bid increment.

Reserve Price - An amount set by a seller in an auction which is the lowest price they are willing to sell an item.  The reserve price is hidden.  No winner will be declared unless the reserve price is met or exceeded.

Seller - A User that originates an auction or listing on the site.

User - Anyone that utilizes


5 Minute Rule - If there is any bidding activity in the last 5 minutes of an auction, that auction will be extended until bidding activity ceases for a 5 minute interval at which time the auction will be officially closed.